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September 11, 2014


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Helene Levenson

Thank you for posting your travelogue! The Highlands are IMHO always beautiful. Even in the rain (what a wonderful excuse to duck into a tea shop and have a nice hot cuppa with a biscuit).

How fascinating to see teasels being used in finishing! I have a thousand pine cones in my yard - I wonder if the green ones would work?

I love the sheep photos. Lexie is adorable, even if she is slightly chicken. The shot of the wren's woolly nest is also adorable. That was obviously a bird with good taste!

Have you ever considered taking 12 (or more?) of what you consider to be the best of your photos and combining them into a calendar, to help fund your Shetland research?

Deb Robson

Thanks for your comment, Helene. I’m doubtful about pine cones substituting for teasels, but y’never know until you try. Both Lexie and Peggy are mature dogs, and I’d put Lexie’s hesitation down to a deliberate choice, rather than chickenness. Thanks for the idea about the calendar—if I can think of a way to do that without handing printing, inventory, or shipping, it could be fun. I do need to continue fundraising for the Shetland research. I’m not done, and some of it will involve going back again—which isn’t cheap, even with watching every penny.

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