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September 23, 2014


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Andrea Schroer

Yay! Thanks for sharing the photos of the horsehair braids.

Deb Robson

You’re welcome, Andrea! More to come in a future post. I especially liked, though, the understated quality of that one wider braid.


In the conference links, I was interested to note that the organisers welcome handcrafters. I don't think is something that I would read at an Australian sheep conference. In your experience, is the significance placed on handcrafters involvement peculiar to Iceland and the cultural importance of wool there?

Deb Robson

Rebecca, the North Atlantic Sheep Wool Conference always welcomes handcrafters, in large part because it was initiated by a handcrafter.

The breeds that are the topic of the North Atlantic Native Sheep Wool confererence are all comparatively small in populations number (on a global scale this includes even the Icelandic sheep, of which there are quite a few). The economics of their survival depend to some extent on handcraft markets and support. The Australian sheep industry is predominantly industrial, so handcrafters would not be likely to be considered important (or even relevant) to include.

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