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August 07, 2014


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Melissa Dunning

This is wonderful to see, Deb - it is all fascinating and enlightening! Thanks so much for sharing so many details with us. Safe journey!

Helene Levenson

It is amazing to contemplate the quantity of wool that goes through that building! I am glad to see the Wool Board's interest in quality, and hope it translates into a better profit for the hard-working shepherds.

Deb Robson

Working on catching up—I’ve been teaching again, staying in a hostel (beautiful, but we’re cooking our meals and the wifi is only what I carry with me). Will try to do some photos of here before long. But after I teach and have my location changed for me and am with new people.

Deb Robson

Helene, the Wool Board is steadily increasing returns to the shepherds. That’s it’s goal. AND the best profit they can get (although we are obviously a limited market) is selling selected and carefully raised individual fleeces to hand spinners.


Just fascinating thank you. Is it unusual for the different breeds to be separated. I don't think this happens in Australia - my understanding is that the wool is separated into ultra fine white, fine white, mixed coloured (sent to developing countries) and carpet. Rebecca

Deb Robson

Rebecca, the wool at the British Wool Marketing Board is separated by quality. Some of those quality types (numbers) also have breed names attached to them. The wools in those quality groups have the characteristics of the breeds associated with them, but may not certainly be from those breeds.

The British Isles have so many different types of wools that they have a larger number of categories than one might believe possible!

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