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August 13, 2014


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Love the Cumbria area. Lovely shots, TY Deb.

Elaine Hill

So pleased you got to see some of our beautiful North Country. Sorry about the weather! Happy travels.

Deb Robson

Elaine, weather is just weather. If you’re going to be interested in sheep, you take the necessary clothes and footgear {grin}. It’s all good. I have not been cold AND wet, which is the problem condition. And yes, I want to see more of the north country.

JC Briar

It's interesting that many of the sheep in these photos have not had their tails docked. Is that standard practice in that geographical area, or for those breeds, or ...?

Deb Robson

JC, they dock tails far less often and less severely here than in the U.S. (Same with dogs.) Of the sheep in this post, the Soay and Hebridean sheep in the first images do have naturally short tails (although their tails don’t show in the pictures). The Swaledales (in the big landscapes), Badgerfaces, Herdwicks (very close up), and Portlands (all in the later photos) do have naturally llong tails that are not docked.

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