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August 17, 2014


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L.M. Cunningham

Whew! I've just caught up with all the blog posts: can't imagine the sensory overload you're going through but wish I could be experiencing it too. ;-)

I guess a vicarious thrill at your adventure is better than none at all?

Deb Robson

Sensory overload is right, Linda. And I can only skim the surface in what I can put on the blog. But it’s great.

Helene Levenson

No wonder you weren't able to see everything at Cunningsburgh. What an incredible wealth of fiber art talent there is in those tiny islands. I am in awe at the petit point Viking. The crochet natural-colored jumper almost makes me want to crochet (hmm, should graph out a similar pattern for knitting - but I would not want to infringe on the crocheter's copyright).

Thank you so much for posting all of this. Armchair travel is better than not at all.

Deb Robson

Helene, artists have always been inspired by each other’s work. Imagine what a poor world we would live in if that weren’t the case. A knitted jumper like the crocheted one would inevitably be quite different in the end result (especially if you were working from an image as small as this!).

Okay, back to writing another post for me. . . .


Thank you for including the names of the craftspeople with their work. So often, names become separated from textile works. These are great works. You mentioned that US shows can be much larger. Which ones would be the largest and would they also include sheep judging?

Deb Robson

Yes, I think it’s important to include craftspeople’s names where they are available. Identification was not on the pieces as they were displayed for judging, but I had the show catalog and could easily cross-reference from the entry numbers to find the names.

Two large shows in the U.S. are the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival (often referred to as Rhinebeck, where there is definitely sheep judging. There are many others that combine fiber activities with animal judging, but those two are very big!


Wow, Barbara Isbister should publish a book. Every one of her items is unique and beautiful!

Deb Robson

Barbara Isbister is findable here in Shetland, and you’re right, she’s an amazing designer and knitter.http://www.shetlandartsandcrafts.co.uk/barbaraisbister.html

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