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January 22, 2014


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Sara Byron

Can I steal your life? this looks magnificent. I think I am getting sick of the cold and snow here and need to get out and maybe a bit of sun would help too. But, my real comment was to say - this plane reminds me of a scotch bottle that I think is on my bottle tree. Is there a connection to Highland Park scotch?

Deb Robson

Sara, parts of my life you would not want, but its true this was a magnificent trip and I had a superb time, even when I was drookit (drenched to the skin and cold). More of that to come.

Meanwhile, YES, there is some connection to Highland Park whisky, and it says Highland Park on the side of the plane, and I truly didnt know what I thought about that, but maybe theyre fueling the planes with single malt {wry grin}.

Susan Foster

It would be so fun to visit with Liz! The flight reminds me of the many hair raising flights I had in the years we lived in Sitka. Can't wait to see more pictures.

Deb Robson

Susan, Ive flown in and out of Sitka--but only in the summer, and by way of what is probably the *new* runway. Thats an amazing airport, too, in a different way. And yes, you would have a lovely time with Liz. More photos to come.

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