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December 20, 2013


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It is so wonderful to read about this sort of situation, where you are so prepared to put the happiness of dogs and cats before anything else (I have a friend in Dartmoor who is the same with horses). I wish it wasn't so rare. Such lovely stories about your dogs and how they come to visit them.

Deb Robson

Thanks, Freyalyn. I sometimes wonder about the *length* at which I share the stories of our dogs, but the nuances don't lend themselves to brevity. The good news through all this is that each of the dogs in question ended up in the right place. We had to let go of several of them, emotionally, for that to happen.

Account Deleted

Thank you for this post. I needed to read it, and it did my heart good. Life is such a fascinating series of events, and I loved reading about your evolving fur family.

Deb Robson

Thanks for reading, and Im glad it did your heart good!

Tam has gained .6 pound since he joined us. Hes within easy reach of patting just about 24 hours a day (except when he goes out back to let us know how the yard is doing).

And Ceilidh continues to think hes just fine.

Rachel Berry

What an interesting post! I love Border Collies and we have a red and white dog called Dan at the moment. He's the 3rd collie we have had to date - and hopefully won't be the last. Have a great Christmas.
Best wishes,
Rachel Berry - The Deerfold Spinner
Herefordshire UK

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