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November 16, 2013


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Freyalyn Close

What's wrong with just 'Happy' by itself? It's a lovely sound, short and snappy. Or Merry, for the same reason?


Looks like "Sona" might mean happy in Scottish Gaelic.

We almost named our first Aussie Misha (MEE-sha), but went with Sasha instead. :)

Deb Robson

I'm making a list. We have 34 names on it. Not sure yet how we'll get him to let us know which one he wants! But this is usual for our critters. It takes some time. It *is* awkward that he doesn't really have a name for us to use yet, other than Mr. Whatshisname.


Our dogs have done ok with "Hey, dog!" or "Where's my puppy?" (regardless of age) till we get the name sorted out. :)

Deb Robson

Yeah, were working with Pupper and Poppet, the latter of which may end up being a nickname. Also Sweetie and Cutie. And Fuzzface and Fuzzy butt. None of which is going to be a REAL name {wry grin}.


Right now I am spinning a primitive Shetland fleece which almost looks blue. The former owner of the fleece is "Seeley" which I am told is Gaelic for happy. I don't know that would work with sit, stay etc commands.

Deb Robson

I love those near-blue fleeces! Seeley would also be reminiscent of Bones, one of the few TV shows we watch (although a season or two late, on DVD from the library).

Kelly Little Bartels

Shiloh is a Native American word for "place of peace"

Susan Koester

My son is named Anand, which is Sanskrit for joy. Folks in CO may recognize it from anandamide, the active ingredient in cannibis (wry grin back atcha). Andy is the typical nickname.

Elizabeth Durand

How about Joey, which is almost like Joy?

Rebecca Blouwolff

Asher (ahSHER) is Hebrew for happy and sounds a bit like Wash and River...

Joanne Seiff

Ahh, don't know what happened to my first post, but acidophilus is good for dog ear yeast....and Asher is another good word for happy in Hebrew after Sameach...Asher is a better name!


What about Shiny? You've been trying out some names from Firefly, from the sound of it, and it basically means happy in the show.

Deb Robson

Wordlily, you are very perceptive, and Shiny is a fantastic name. We have come down in the Firefly/knitting camp with this pups name, which he seems to be responding to well even immediately: hes Tam, and as soon as I can get a post set up (Im organizing fleeces and fiber full-time right now), Ill announce it in its full glory!

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