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October 12, 2013


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Terry Mattison

Orkney....and Skara Brae(!) Be still my beating heart(!!!) So very glad you were able to visit these wonderful sites, yes so full of spirit. This journey is sitting at the very top of my bucket list. Would love to chat with you about this next time we meet. Thank you so much for sharing your photos and explanations!


Ooooh these posts are making me want to go here for my honeymoon!


Glad to see you've visited all my favourite places on Mainland. I was lucky enough to dig in Orkney when I was an archaeology student. I worked on Earls' Bu at Orphir (which you may have whizzed past, it's the place with the tiny round church ruin) and our prof took us to Skara Brae before it was all covered and prettified - I've been in those houses and sat at those hearths! I even lay in a bed!


Wonderful to see! So gorgeous. OX


From Northern California, I'm now on board with your travels. Dreamily from afar I've seen & heard about these places, the Ring of Brodgar, Stennes, Skara Brae, wide open sheepy spaces, and that oh-so-wonderful northerly landscape. Your postings are hugely appreciated, thank you !


Maeshowe sounds like Newgrange in Ireland, the interior of that is a wonder of piled stones and it faces the same way. And oriented the same way. Newgrange is a little touristed up, and someone did a silly reconstruction of white stones around the entrance, but inside it's still amazing.

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