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September 16, 2013


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It is very hard to lose dear ones.
Sending a virtual hug.

Susan J. Tweit

Hugs coming from here too. See you next Monday to give some in person....

Devin Helmen

Oh Deb, No words. Much Sympathy, but no words.

Dina Fullerton

Oh Deb, so sorry to read this. You really have had a very trying year. Our loved ones always seem gone too soon....I am glad you have the Shetland project to pull you forward.

I disagree with your statement above re the rest being more "put together" than you. I was going to comment that you look terrific in that photo - and quite put together!

Much empathy and hugs from CT.

Dina Fullerton

I love what you wrote about your friend: that every visit *mattered*. I feel that way whenever I visit with my friend Reeny. We don't get together often but when we do, it's always special and it always matters. I'm going to share that thought with her the next time I see her. She'll appreciate it. I hope you are feeling stronger/better as time passes.

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