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September 25, 2013


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Splendid to hear! It's dreich here as well. OX

Dina Fullerton

Wonderful view - tea looks very much in order. I hope you use this time to recharge your physical and emotional batteries.

Fanciful imaginary knitting - wonderful!I have several Williams and Wallaces up through my Fullerton line but never the both in one name. :)

Maureen Burns

Beautiful pic og the dreich day. Thanks for sharing the journey, Deb.

Jane Cooper

So pleased to hear that the border agency was so painless. Glorious sunshine up here in Orkney today with dry weather and medium winds for the next few days, so hopefully you'll have some much better weather for enjoying Scotland.

Susan Campbell

So you're in Scotland now, Deb! The sheep in the Knit Your Own Scotland book are most likely meant to represent Scottish Blackface sheep, the majority breed on mainland Scotland's hill ground. Enjoy your visit.


Glad you arrived safe, even if it wasn't quite as smooth as it could have been.


Glad you finally got there! Have a great trip!

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