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July 29, 2013


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Devin Helmen

I have followed this series of three posts avidly. Thank you for the very clear descriptions and the helpful photos! I can see i will be fine tuning my washing process a little. Beautiful wool photos, by the way. Drooling!

Virginia McKenna

I just want to put my hands through my computer screen to touch the washed wool. I'm so excited now to wash my fleece and get to spinning.
Do you mind if I pin a few of the pics?
Thanks again for sharing your love of sheep.

Deb Robson

I just want to have you be able to touch the washed wool! Thats why I put in so many pictures. Thanks for asking about the pinning, and yes, you may.


Many thanks for an excellent series on your process. It's great to see the tools and methods a role model uses (and comforting to see that the tools are all easily accessible, and in some cases, already in my possession).

Also great to see the picture of the Jacob fleece. I have a gorgeous deep rich brown one, that is quite filthy (and appears to have belonged to a sheep who enjoyed bedding in burrs. Sigh.) I've been soaking it in small batches, but find "seeing" the grime remaining challenging, given the dark, rich tones. It's only after its dried that I can feel the grease left behind.

Would this be a good "cold soak overnight" situation?

Thanks again for the really useful posts!


I was given some raw merino fleece. The finest fleeces I have processed so far are cormos and corriedales with varying degrees of success. So I was excited to see your wonderfully documented process. I tried it yesterday with a colander full of merino using Orvus. Perfect! Can't wait to do the rest.

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