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April 10, 2013


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Thanks for this, Deb! Truly useful information (and I like pictures and links, too). Have now bought the Kindle edition and been reading breed descriptions as though I were eating potato chips. Will have to spend some time with the book and some wools and my spindle, and STUDY.



Great information. I told my daughter about your teaching issue in UK and she suggested checking out J Visa.

Deb Robson

A.N., I love good questions! Especially ones that I can answer. So glad to be able to talk about this more.

Elaine, the J Visa is a very, very cool thing, and if I were in the UK needing to come here it would work. It's a US visa type. I'm not entirely sure I can get the UK Border Agency to institute such a thing quickly enough to help me in going in the other direction, from US to UK, but I'm sure I'll meet people in the UK who will want to know about it for coming to the States!


Sorry--I thought the J Visa worked both ways. Good thought anyway!!

Deb Robson

I thought it would be a great idea if the J Visa worked both ways, Elaine. I think it should!

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