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Deb Robson and Tussah

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April 23, 2013


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Oh Deb, I'm so sorry. My fat cats send you great big hugs and lots of purring in your ear. She looks like a lovely dog. Please give yourself, your daughter, and Ceilidh a hug for me

Catie Phillips

I'm so sorry for your loss but glad that it was relatively quick and that you were able to love her thoroughly and for as long as you did.

Kelly Little Bartels

Oh no Deb, I am so sorry that you lost a beloved member of your family. Bless you for making the tough decision to let her go. I'm sending my heartfelt condolences

L.M. Cunningham

Deb, I wish I had the words to tell you how I feel, but I don't.


Sarah JS

So glad I got to give her some loving and help her figure out there really wasn't anything of interest (again ...) in my knitting bag last night. Sweetest dog ever.

Big hugs and comofort to you, Bekah, and Ceilidh!


What a wonderful and loving tribute to your dog. I'm so sorry you've lost her. :(

My special heart dog, Sasha, died suddenly of a hemangiosarcoma too. I'm sorry you all had to go through that.


Susan J. Tweit

Tussah was lucky, and so were you and Bekah and Ariel and Ceilidh. I'm sending much love to you, and hopes that Ariel and Tussah are hanging out together in the dog-spirit world....

Kathryn Ray

Sweet Baby Girl. I'm glad I got to love on her yesterday.

Hugs to you all.

Nina Saulic

What a beautiful tribute to Tussah! I am so sorry for your loss. She was lucky to have shared your life for so many great years.


Deb, I'm sorry for your family's loss. It clearly seems that Tussah was lucky to have found you and vice versa. Big hugs.


Tussah always had the happiest ears--and constantly had a smile. Lady dog sends her love, and consoling leans.
Hugs and love,
Kris and Lady


Sorry to hear this. She sounds like a lovely dog. The pictures of her in the car waiting to go with were particularly nice.


I'm so sorry to hear about your Dear Tussah. Kim of I'm Gonna Tell Mom blog posted a wonderful poem about dogs. I think it's still there, right under the Chickens on the right hand side.
Nothing can take away the cherished memories of our loving, faithful pet children.

Dina Fullerton

Such a beautiful tribute to you beloved Tussah. I am really sorry to hear of your loss but I just know this will open your heart and home to another special dog in need. (When you are ready for that.) Those that find their way to you are truly blessed by your loving care and devotion.


What a lovely tribute to a sweet girl.

Irie D.

So sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing such a lovely tribute - I loved Tussah's presence on your blog & twitter in the time that I have been following.

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