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March 19, 2013


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Susan J. Tweit

I got tears in my eyes reading about the Dreaming of Shetland eBook project, Deb. I'm thrilled that you have this innovative and dedicated support-group, and that they're helping make it possible for you to pursue your passion, which of course will benefit all of us. Yay! And what a treat it is to see your art peeking out from around the words. Those research notebooks are like any artist's illustrated sketchbooks, and would make intriguing eBooks themselves, just to show others how to present information graphically. (Yes, I can see the influence of Tufte, but you've developed your own systems for conveying number data visually and they're very compelling as images.) I'm excited for you and the work ahead.


It all gives me goosebumps. BRAVO BRAVO!!

Kristin Nicholas

This sounds so exciting Deborah! I can't wait to hear how it progresses.

It is such a balance doing what you and I do. We need to eat and pay the mortgage and the choices usually help to make that happen. I was talking about this yesterday with two professional friends - about how it is so sad that so much of what we doesn't pay.

Good luck and I will follow along!

Deb Robson

Susan, you have been a fellow traveler and supporter through much of what has led to this, and yes, when I think about it I get a bit tear-y--and, Clara, goosebumps, too!

(Susan: Have a *wonderful* time teaching your Write and Retreat workshop this weekend. I have a lucky friend who will be there. Clara: Your Great White Bale is one of the treats in my life. I'm an armchair traveler with your adventure, and enjoying it enormously. So glad you survived the "wool-freeing" episode unscathed. And that you had protective gear.)

Kristin, nobody gets into any of this fiber stuff at the vocational level for the money or the security. We do it because we have to: in my case, I interpret my work as what Quakers call a very strong leading--that this is what I'm on the planet to accomplish, even if I don't understand why or, often, what the big picture looks like: only the next step I need to take. I've been working for almost forty years on the preparation for what appears to be coming together now. I thought The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook might be a culmination. Apparently it's a phase in a bigger project.

Earlier in my life everything that's going on right now might have thrown me off balance. Now it is just ever-more-grounding.

Dina Fullerton

I got chills reading this post, Deb. I am so thrilled for you that you have the support and interest of such a great list of designers who are willing to help support you in your research.

I suspect, as word gets out, that more designers may well step up. This ebook could have several volumes. I know I'll be signing up for it asap.


Deb Robson

Dina, isn't it amazing? Love your avatar, by the way.

Leafhaven Shetlands

Yes, yes, yes! I love the synchronicity, the cooperative spirit, the vision, and of course I am always dreaming of Shetland ... thank you for the opportunity to share some of your work in progress.


This is all going to be great! especially for people that can't actually be in all your workshops and classes. I'm looking forward to all of it. See what happens when you ask a bunch of smart people how they'd solve a problem??


How exciting! I'll be looking forward to seeing the results of these new ventures.

Mel Bravin

Your notes, in and of themselves, are a beautiful work of art! I hope you decide to scan them in and publish them as either an e-book or somesuch. I know, more work for you, but they give another aspect of beauty to your fascinating subject!


This is truly exciting!! I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the ebook and will reread your previous posts about the Shetlands.


Bravo! So excited for this project! You're just fabulous to want to do this at all - I wish you all success and can't wait for the completion!

Lynne Shandley

Ah, now I understand more - I saw Donna's post on G+ and didn't grok it very well...
What a great idea!
PS you just spent a week with one of my Seattle buddies - Marjorie. I meant to get her to say Hi for me but I forgot...

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