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March 04, 2013


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Dina Fullerton

Fun! I agree, the prices for these intricate treasures are crazy low but I'm glad it's enough to afford these amazing artisans improvements in their lives.

I keep thinking of that time you and I looked at that booth at MDSW - was it CTTC? Cloth Roads? My memory seems to think it was all Peruvian knits? Beautiful intricate stuff.

Deb Robson

Dina, that was the CTTC booth we looked at when we were at Maryland Sheep Wool. Yes. Exactly.

Leanne Pressly

Hi Deb,
Great post as usual! I'm excited to be going this area, taking some weaving classes with Nilda, visiting villages and seeing Machu Picchu (on my birthday)this May. I'm traveling with Loomdancer Odysseys. (http://www.loomdancerodysseys.com/) Your readers may be interested to know that Cari has 3 openings still available if anyone has dreams of weaving in the Peruvian highlands!

Deb Robson

Leanne, if I could go, I would! I hope this works out for someone else.

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