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January 07, 2013


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Dina Fullerton

Hi Deb,

Thanks for the link to that chocolate place. I need to check them out. Yes, need!

Wishing I could buy a skein of that yarn you raved about,

Deb Robson

A friend who for some reason can't get my blog to let her comment (SORRY!) says she thinks that the shop that bought the run of St Kilda laceweight is http://www.kathysknits.co.uk . I have no idea whether they'd ship, but given enough enticement they probably would. It sounds like a good sort of business to support!

A quick skim shows they also have New Lanark yarns. Sue Blacker took me to see the New Lanark mills when I was in the UK for Knit Camp. http://www.newlanark.org

I'm sure there's also other good stuff that I don't dare get tempted by right now or I'll miss my next writing deadlines!

Susan J. Tweit

Pencils to Theo Chocolate to St Kilda yarn--the thread being attentiveness to living thoughtfully and lightly, and making beauty as we go--lovely post! Thanks for the view of the world through your always interesting and informative perspective.

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