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January 21, 2013


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Amanda Berka

Thanks for sharing. I just made my contribution. One of my first sweaters was a Penny Straker - a cabled crew neck - for a boyfriend. I didn't find it on their website, so I suspect it is OOP. I was dumped by the guy before I finished the sweater. So, Dad ended up the proud owner.

Alice Faber

Wow. I still have my Gretel. It's probably 25 years old, knit from Paton's Canadiana, as I recall. I also have a cabled sweater vest that I think was a Straker pattern also. At the time I made them, I wasn't at all a confident knitter, but both fit and look very good. (I wouldn't say that they've gotten 25 years worth of wear, though, as I gained and lost a few sizes of weight in the interim.)

Deb Robson

Amanda, I think I lost a sweater or two to break-ups. Your dad was lucky to gain one!

And Alice, what a cool thing to hear about your Gretel. I love the idea of these designs showing up in a variety of colors and types of yarns. It's like their potential is rediscovered in each iteration.

Susan Foster

I have knit many of Penny's Designs, several for my daughter(years and years ago)that her son is now wearing! And I am still wearing a couple, as they have never seem out of date. Thanks for the link!

Mary Lou Egan

Thanks for this - when I first started knitting more than 2-needle mittens back in the early 80's, I looked at these over and over again. I still have a few I'd like to knit. I'm off to support this project.


I would be interesting in backing the kickstarter but it looks like they are digitizing mostly children's patterns.

Thanks for showing her patterns I'll be sure to look at them next time I knit a sweater!

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