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December 21, 2012


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Diana Burrell

I've been following your efforts with interest and am very curious how this turns out for you. I've had similar issues while traveling as a freelance journalist. The rules/regs are too labyrinthine for mere mortals. :/

Deb Robson

Diana, research fortunately doesnt require a visa. Ive found an interesting site that handles visas for people who travel a lot to places that seem more difficult--but not for work. I think this is going to affect more and more people as time goes on.

Thanks for letting me know youre interested. I think we will have a significant wait before the next episode. Possibly that wait will be because there will be some sort of positive outcome?


Why not talk to the British consulate in Denver?

Deb Robson

On their website, the British Consulate in Denver is even more adamant about not wanting to hear about visa situations than the main office in DC is.

Dina Fullerton

I know it's probably silly but I can't dismiss the idea that Prince Charles would be very interested in all of this. Given his involvement in the campaignforwool.org of which he is the patron.

Worth reaching out to his office, perhaps?

Deb Robson

Good idea, Dina, but we tried to get in touch with him about Fleece Fiber and the connection didnt take.


PS the Oxford shepherds all disappeared on me, I emailed multiple times before Rhinebeck and got no answer....

Deb Robson

Oxford shepherds can be hard to locate.

Lou Sugg

I can't thank you enough for looking into this and telling us all about it.

I've spent several hours going in circles on the UK Border Agency website, and it's soul-destroying.

A group of us want someone to come from USA to give just this type of class to small groups around the country, but battling the bureaucracy and the costs involved are just beyond me.

It's just daft.

I hope you find a way, blazing a trail for others (until they move the goal posts again!).

Happy New Year


Deb Robson

Thanks for commenting, Lou. I would love to teach. My travel and work dont depend on my teaching: Im in an ideal position to look into these questions. Soul-destroying, indeed--confusing, frustrating, and downright counterproductive: theres got to be a way to do these small-group cultural and intellectual events. My quest will likely be quiet for a while: Im waiting for responses to my inquiries. And Ill let you know what I discover, when I discover it. Happy new year!

Rebecca Crowell

Deb, thank you VERY much for sharing what you have learned, as discouraging as it is, and I admire your persistence with it. This information is something people in many artistic fields will appreciate...I found your blog as I began my own frustrating research into how to teach a 3-day painting workshop in England this October. I will be very interested to know if you discover a way-- I will subscribe to your blog so that I can follow the story, and wish you all the best in finding answers.

Deb Robson

Rebecca, good luck with your teaching, too. I paint to train my eye to see better (or at least I do when I have time, a bunch of which is being invested in this quest). I'd love it if I find answers that will help you teach painting, in addition to my teaching about sheep and wool.

I will certainly let you know what I find out, when I find it out.

A friend in the UK who is seeking answers from that end did receive a personal answer from someone at the Border Agency, but the situation being asked about is slightly different. AND the Border Agency said, "This does not fall under the points-based system" and then gave links to categories that do fall under the points-based system. The reasoning was circular, and not at all helpful. But at least it was a response?


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