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December 11, 2012


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Valerie Musselman

Hi Deb,

Thanks for posting the Glasgow and Stirling photos...great reminders of my trip there last Sept.


L.M. Cunningham

If it's any consolation, you don't file separate federal and provincial tax things here -- we do it in one form, and because you're not a resident, you probably wouldn't have to do so anyway. I suggest you contact the nearest consulate (I think there's still one in Denver) and ask them.


I wasn't able to leave a comment in previous post but this is what I wanted to say:
"I could do a face plant in those books! And as a friend once said to me when I was hauling my horses cross country to compete "I'm living viciously through you". Vicariously, she meant. Though right now, I feel viciously enthralled in your fall plans. How wonderful. And yes, I'll be donating."

M and I want to visit the Shetlands before much more time has passed... you give me more incentive (as always!)

Deb Robson

That's good news about the Canadian tax forms, and not what I was told by the folks who hired me there--nor what the research I did (before I got fed up) indicated. AND I am more inclined to believe you, Linda!!! I don't know that the hirers have a clue and the research was complicated enough to put me off more boring digging . . . about 10 percent as complicated as the visa stuff. But there's more at stake in the visa quest.

Viciously enthralled! I love the idea. Assuming I get there (and I assume I will, since the research trip isn't visa-dependent), I'll report in.

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