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December 09, 2012


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Barbro Heikinmatti

Deb, oh how I wish this dream will come true!


Deb, this will happen! Nothing is insurmountable and I am sure someone out there knows exactly how to navigate all the intricacies and convoluted rules relating to visa applications. Somewhere hidden in all that bureaucratic obfuscation, there has to be a simpler, less expensive option for those who are travelling to teach relatively informally to small, specialised groups otherwise no-one in the UK would be able to bring any knitting or spinning tutors across.

Amanda Berka

I've had a pretty bad case of wonderlust lately. I do hope you can make this trip - at least I could live vicariously;-) For funding, would you be opposed to setting up a PayPal donation system? Seems that $5 or $10 here or there from folks who would like to help could really add up.

Deb Robson

Youre right that little bits could add up and help. I do have a donation button on this blog, but I dont emphasize it. Im sort of bashful that way, and so far I havent been very good at some of the self-promotion efforts that could be quite helpful. Id always rather do more research than administer things like that. I think Ive had enough administration for a lifetime already {wry grin}. Ill work on my mental state about it {wry grin again}.


I think you would really like Kate's blog:

She has just written a book "Colours of Shetland".

"My name is Kate Davies. I live in Edinburgh with Tom (a man) Bruce (a labrador retriever) and Jesus (a cat). I love writing, designing, and walking in our wonderful Scottish landscape. I find that all of these activities have a creative and a critical dimension and the best of possible worlds is one in which I productively combine them all.

Some days I feel like a writer who enjoys designing knitwear, on others I seem to be a designer preoccupied with textile history. On most days I feel like someone who is recovering from a serious stroke, though one hopes that this may change in time. I produced this book and have written many features about fashion and textile history for Rowan, The Knitter, Twist Collective , Selvedge, and many other magazines. I also produce my own digital magazine, Textisles."

Deb Robson

E T, youre right, I do enjoy Kate Davies blog, and I read it regularly! Im waiting until the first flurry is over to order Colours of Shetland. Kate and friends are swamped with mailing things out, and Im swamped with deadlines and getting my computer situation working again. Im looking forward to the book as a reward for dealing with the details.

Freyalyn Close

I do hope I actually get to meet you at some point this visit!

Deb Robson

Freyalyn, it would be wonderful to meet in person!

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