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October 31, 2012


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Diana Troldahl

Although my heart would prefer to spin using only my own muscles, circumstances make an electric wheel the best choice for me. It is a fairly steep learning curve going from a hand spindle to an electric machine, but I think will be worth it.
Reading your blog (and the F&F Sourcebook) have fanned my interest in rare wools and I think the best way to explore them is via spinning and perhaps using them as part of collage-type artwork next year. Thanks for the inspiration Deb :-}

Jeni Reid

This looks wonderful, even the snow!
What a chance to spend time with so many incredible people.

Deb Robson

Diana, tools are tools. It sounds like you have an interesting new one to explore, along with a new path to travel with it. SO glad to be able to provide inspiration!

Deborah Robson

Susan Gallacher-Turner

What a great history of an amazing gathering of dedicated and talented spinners.

I've loved many interweave publications and hope that this new sale will only mean improvements for all!

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