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October 07, 2012


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Gotta love your crop of one big white dog! It should be noted, by those who may not know, that Deb's daughter Bekah is an amazing dog trainer, and has increased Lady's skill level remarkably.
The decision to rebuild or not is hard, because this was to be our retirement home, last move after 29. Yes, 29 moves in 42 years.
Thankfully, incredible friends who will disrupt their lives for months, making sure we don't have to worry about a roof over ours or our animals' heads, soothes a bit of the stress.

Kit Dunsmore

I should get that curry recipe from you. We wound up with more green than red tomatoes (planted late and had to rescue things before the frost). I do love the pictures of the dog sleeping in the raised bed...


Sobering. We live at the top of a mountain ridge and have done what we can to make ourselves "fire-safe". We have no summer rain so every year at this time we hope for an early rainy season. Your friends have my best wishes. They are lucky to have you to help them.

Have you ever had fried green tomatoes? They are very good.

Deb Robson

It's true, Kris, Lady gets daily practice on basic obedience commands. That's part of the household routine, and while geriatric dogs are excused, visitors are not {grin}.

Kit, the curry recipe is very good and we can find that for you. It's easy, too.

"Fire-safe" is worth all the effort that goes into it, Anne, yet isn't guaranteed, as we can see. We haven't had fried green tomatoes. (I've read the book!) We do have more of the greenies, even after making a big batch of the curry.

Diana Troldahl

I would say you raised a very high-fiber (and loving) harvest :-}

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