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October 04, 2012


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Deb Robson

I get the Blacker Yarns e-mail newsletter, and one just came in. There will be a new section of the website through which some clients who use the mill's custom-spinning will be able to sell their yarns and reach a wider market. Blacker is also planning a pure Castlemilk Moorit yarn--so far, they've needed to blend with silk to get that particular wool to spin well. They must be obtaining clips with a bit more length and consistency.


Thanks for the very detailed review! I'll print it out and stick it in the book when I get it. (I put it in an Amazon order with something else that doesn't come out till November, to get free shipping...)
I have now got two batches of handspun North Ron, 300 yards each of natural grey and brown. Wonder what I can do with them...

Deb Robson

Glad to be able to help, Caroline--especially with that list of pattern sources to supplement the text!

Two batches of handspun North Ron. . . . What a nice thing to contemplate. I've been looking for some time to sit down and spin the North Ron I have here that's all clean and carded and ready to go. Hat? Mitts? Striped scarf? If you haven't already decided by the time the book arrives, it will likely give you even more ideas.


I bought this book last week, and thank you for this review, Deb! It really is a unique and exciting book for me as a spinner. The Hebridean section jumped out at me in the bookstore (I have some) but most of the patterns are helping me to get project ideas for hand-spun. Many thanks for finding the vest links - I was stumped by the phantom pics! L

Deb Robson

You're very welcome! Hebridean is a lot of fun, and yes, these patterns give a lot of appropriate ideas for handspun projects.

I have had problems in the past with most-intriguing items not having instructions in the publication where I found them. I'll do the treasure hunt to save others the difficulty!

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