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August 29, 2012


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Oh dear. You're not afraid of huge, challenging tasks... I haven't got my copy of the Journal yet, but I suppose it's on it's way. What a great photo on the front page - a Ryeland fleece will be shipped to me from Wales this week!

Deborah Robson

Barbro, you're right. Either not afraid of huge, challenging tasks or simply insane. You'll like this issue a lot, I think. And how nice that you have a Ryeland fleece coming to go with that lovely photo! There was a LOT I could have said about Ryelands in the article, in terms of history and development, but I think I only had space to mention the name of the breed in a context that gave them a position in the flow of history. . . .

Susan J. Tweit

Wow! Congratulations. It's great to see the finished article after hearing about it on and off over the past year. I know you could have said a lot more, and I hope you'll get the chance to do that in book form one of these days, but I think amassing all of that breed and lineage information and then distilling it into an overview is a huge contribution. I love the photo of the Ryelands on the cover, too!

Deborah Robson

Susan, you have definitely followed the progress of this. And yes, I have more to say. All I need to do is buy the time to get it written.


As has become normal, you've introduced me to yet another publication that I have to subscribe to! I've followed, through your comments, the development of this article, and am ecstatic to see it in fruition!
Off to the "subscribe" page....


Read my Journal yesterday; goodness me, you have stuffed a lot of information in a very limited space, yet stil made it legible and organised. As one would expect! Excellent...

Meg Caulmare

Welcome home, Deb. I just ordered a copy of the issue, along with one on spinning exotic fibers. I can't wait to read it. Congratulations also on your review of The Master Weavers in Spin Off! No kidding, a taste for gargantuan tasks. I adore that book, and your advice to grab a copy while I could was the best advice I've had in a decade. I treat it like an art textbook: I wash my hands before sitting down with it. No matter where I open it, it takes my breath away.

Ryeland has been one of my wish-list fleeces since I learned to spin. Perhaps there'll be a grower listed in one of the issues, someone who would be willing to ship to the US.

You're a superb resource for us Deb. Please keep putting new and amazing things in front of us.

Deb Robson

Freyalyn, I'm really glad you enjoyed the article. It's true that the biggest reason I agreed to work on the piece was that it was a challenge I couldn't turn my back on. There seems to be a theme there. I'm delighted to hear it makes sense and is organized! I left so much out.

You'll really like the journal, Meg. Another reason I said okay to the challenge was that I've known, and respected, the publication for many years. The current editorial staff, whom I was unacquainted with, is top-notch. Isn't The Master Weavers something else? It was a huge splurge for me, too, and one I indulged in because some of these things have to be seized when they are available. Or I'll need to move mountains to get them later.

Thanks to all for cheering me on. I love this stuff, yet without company on the journey it would be nowhere near as much fun.

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