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July 06, 2012


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I am totally in tune with Kris and her loss. We too live in a fire-prone mountain area and love our wildlife. No wolves, but plenty of birds, snakes, deer, coyotes, fox, bobcats,and even an occasional mountain lion. We too could go up in smoke someday (or get taken down by an earthquake. We live just above the San Andreas Fault). But I think it is worth it. After forty years up here, I can't imagine not living close to the earth. Thanks to all for helping the wolves and my best to Kris and others who have lost, at least temporarily, the best of all worlds. I hope they have the fortitude to regain it. I will be thinking of them. I am sure it won't be easy.


On a light note, it should be noted that the skateboard doesn't have wheels. Hubby Earl is thankful--i think he knows me.
Anne, thank you--and you're right--mostly, it's worth it. At the moment, it's too painful, but bless Deb and others, they keep us going.

Deborah Robson

I really appreciate your ongoing comments, Anne. And Kris, you're right: no wheels, please! Plus they would mess up Shaman.


I'm pretty sure the "skateboard" doesn't have wheels because it's a snowboard. *g*

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