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July 05, 2012


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I've had to transport rescue mastiffs across the country before many years ago and used one of these transportation services similar to this one.



There are others out there - perhaps someone working to provide fire victim services can assist in locating transportation?

We had to move a rescue Neopolitain from Arizona to New Hampshire once and put together a railroad of people who were willing to transport certain legs. That is probably not practical for 3 large dogs at once but it might be possible. Especially if the person going with the dogs could ride along.

Good luck with trying to get the dogs to their destination and my heart goes out to the family - I lost my house to a fire in the 80's and my heart still hurts.

Deb Robson

This is great, Barbara! I think they just found a cargo van one-way, special rate for fire survivors, but weve also recently had some need ourselves to research transport for animals (and we wont fly them in cargo).


Here are a couple more links

Plus there is a couple of Ravelry Groups for Dog Rescuers that might be able to put something together or have information

Here's a search that I did for Transport in the Rescue group


again, my heart goes out to you and the dogs

Deb Robson

Thats REALLY cool, Barbara! Thanks again! We usually do our rescues one at a time (i.e., adopt rescues, and have a total of two at any given moment) so I havent been involved with the groups. Wonderful! I need to check that out.


Thank you all so very much--and to Enterprise Rentals for being willing to adjust their policies to allow our middle son to come drive them. Our vet surprised us today by saying that ALL the boarding fees have been waived. Only medications are being billed. Bear dog was son's college graduation present, and they have been seriously bonded since. Lady, the "house rescue" is that normal-in-rescue-circles called a "Failed Foster". She earned her life supply of kibble the first week she stayed with me.


What wonderful news in the midst of so much tragedy. Enterprise just earned my business for an upcoming car rental. So glad to hear your transportation needs are met and your boarding fees were waived.

My heart aches for Colorado's firestorm victims - human and animal.

Account Deleted

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