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July 05, 2012


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I just finished viewing the four lessons you did on wool. They were excellent. I brought them up on my iPad and watched them while spinning. I really hope you consider doing more and that Craftsy expands their videos on spinning.
I enjoy going to classes to expand my knowledge in the fiber arts, but having such a great resource in Craftsy to learn at home is beyond awesome :).
You are a wonderful teacher. Please do more.

Deb Robson

Thanks so much, Robin! Im delighted to hear you enjoyed the lessons. How good that you could watch while spinning. Thats perfect.

I love teaching in person--in part because I can put the actual fibers in peoples hands--but theres only so much I can do by traveling.


excellent course, very well produced and presented! i'd love to know more about different fibres in detail. i do have your book and am going to go investigate.
thanks for doing this course - really interesting

Nina Fenner

Hi, just watched the first couple of videos. I love the feel and smell of wool. I work on a sheep farm in the winter and have dabbled with spinning and knitting a variety of fleeces over the years but still have loads to learn. I loved the videos, really well presented and informative, thanks a lot.

lynne s of oz

Thanks for the link! I have a two fold interest - a) crafting! b) I'm working in instructional design for elearning. So it is interesting to see what others are doing...

Deborah Robson

I'm so glad people are enjoying the videos! Craftsy did a great production job. They have a clear process, and a lot of skill. I was mega-impressed with the professionalism all around.

Samantha Edwards

Thank you for the free online class! I really learned a lot. There are a lot of different wools that I will be checking out after learning about them in your class. I love the way that you do your swatches! I'm doing my swatches that way too now! :) You are a great teacher, I look forward to your next class!

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