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June 17, 2012


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Mandy Pedigo

I am looking forward to your wool course! As it happens I am currently spinning up two of Joanna's fleeces and I need to wash another.


I will make sure to watch my Craftsy emails for the announcement about your class. Love the Lincoln Longwools!


Sounds a very exciting thing to look forward to - can't wait. Some great photos in the post, especially the one of you with the two rams.


The course sounds like fun and how lucky for us it will be available as a Craftsy 'sample'!

I have been mailing Oxford shepherds - I sent you a note on Rav about a message I got back from one of them...

Deborah Robson

Mandy, you have three of Joanna's fleeces? That's like having really good desserts three times! By the time we got there on Sunday, she'd sold almost everything, but what was still left was (of course) gorgeous.

Freyalyn, Theresa took that wonderful photo and was kind enough to send it to me. I didn't even *see* her there. I was a bit distracted, of course. It's pretty intense being on camera. Not especially familiar or comfortable territory for me, but . . . the sheep made me do it.

Caroline, thanks for letting me know you sent me a message on Rav. I'll get over there. With prepping to teach again and the fire, I haven't been over there--just wishing I could be.

And Flickertail Fibers, I'm glad you're on the Craftsy list. I got an e-mail this week about Edie Eckman's course on pattern-writing for knitters. Even though I've been writing and tech editing knitting patterns for years, I know I'll learn stuff from Edie and I signed up. Fortunately, the course will wait for me to have time to check it out--which is not right now!

Christine Bazant

Hi Deb,
It was so nice to meet you in Estes Park and thank you for the wonderful article about Lincoln sheep and the big white ram in particular. I was fortunate to be able to buy him and I look forward to his lambs next spring. His name is Gunnar (you had mentioned you only had his number) and he was happy to help with the video!! I look forward to that as well.
Chris Bazant
Missing Creek Farm
Lebanon, Oregon

Deb Robson

Chris: Gunnar is the perfect name for the ram! Thanks for letting us know, and it was a delight to meet you at Estes Park. Im looking forward to when our paths cross again.

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