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June 15, 2012


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Two summers ago the smoke plume from one of the wildfires west of us reached New England. :( I hope the firefighters can contain the blaze soon - that fire is far too close for comfort!


Deb Robson

Weve got clouds (a bit cooler) and BIG rumbling thunder. Hope the latter brings water, but no lightning. Friends on the mountain say the tankers are flying past them, a good sound.


Yes, water is good, lightning is not!


Deb, I can't imagine what you and your friends are going through. I think I would be having anxiety attacks daily. All that smoke and fire - just seeing the video made my flight response alert, know what I mean?

Watched the wolf video link you provided - wow! Concrete fire dens built into the mountain. So impressive.

How are you and your daughter doing?

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