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May 24, 2012


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Deb, what's the pattern for the gorgeous blue shawlette you're wearing in your "speaker" photo? It's so attractive as an accent & would be just enough to keep shoulders warm.

Deb Robson

You have good taste, Kathy!

Thats Sivia Hardings design, Harmonias Rings. If you get gauge, it takes exactly 350 yards of worsted-weight yarn (youre looking at 349.75 yards of Blue Moon Socks That Rock heavyweight, a hand-painted colorway that I dont remember the name of . . . ).

I knitted this garment out of curiosity about its construction and because I needed an item of that type for demo purposes (to be used in an upcoming studio date). It turns out that the shawlette (which Sivia calls a cowl) is a fun knit that produces an amazingly versatile and practical garment. I may be making another.

The sweater underneath is also a winner: Its Ann McCauleys Peris Parasol pullover, from her first book, The Pleasures of Knitting.


I love Lisa's colors, they are so vivid. And she's a terrific person too.

Lisa S

What are the ODDS, Deb? Thanks to a friend of mine for the tip-off.
I am a TOTAL long wool fanatic and would rather spin this, well...except for the stuff at the other end of the spectrum, like cashmere.


I'm hearing 'Twilight Zone' music... Great post - thank you.

Deborah Robson

Isn't it funny, Lisa? I'm glad your friend tipped you off. I was going to drop you a note, but things have been really busy (see my next post). I love the longwools! And the Down wools. Well, all the wools. . . .

Freyalyn, you're right about "Twilight Zone" music. It was really something. Glad you enjoyed the post.


Amazing odds; I love it. I went to a local farm last week and met some baby doll southdowns. So adorable. There was a baby merino lamb to cuddle and several alpaca, one a suri. There was a sheep called a California mutant something. I sold your book to the mother and daughter team that are collecting this random assortment of animals. They also had the sweetest mini donkeys they had rescued. They expressed an interest in rare breeds and off I went talking about the Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook.

A friend gifted me some of her hand spun BFL and after knitting with it I'm now obsessed with getting more so I'm off to check your links.

You and Carol look terrific in that picture. Love your Harmonia's Rings.

Deborah Robson

Sounds like a great farm visit, Dina! California Variegated Mutant (CVM) was the mystery sheep. Thanks for spreading the word about the book!

Handspun BFL: yay! Do check out the links.

Sarah Jane did a great job of making us look good in that snapshot {grin}.

Kelly Bartels

Thank you so much for including our rooing demo in your summary for Shepherd's Harvest. We had a wonderful time there, the audience was great about asking questions about what we were doing and the people in the barn with us were kind and helpful all weekend. We will definitely go back next year. I am only sorry that we were too busy with our demos to attend any of your talks.
Kelly Bartels

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