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May 20, 2012


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We might well have passed each other at some point while I was circling around trying to find parking at the various downtown LYSs (the Puget Sound LYS Tour is this weekend - but we definitely weren't the people in t-shirts!). Sending good thoughts for your mom.


Best wishes to you and your family.


Beth Hansen

Sorry to hear that your mom isn't well. Hope for a speedy recovery!

Was fun chatting in MN.

LOVE the first photo from MDS&W you posted. Lovely little e-spinner in the picture! ;-D
Beth H

Deborah Robson

Jen, a LYS tour in Seattle would be a treat! Most of the stores I know are north of downtown. Maybe all of them--!

Thanks, Jen and Laura and Beth, for the good wishes for Mom. She's had a stroke and the biggest challenge is that she has lost most of her ability to speak. The good part is that it's now MOST of and not ALL of, which is where she was a week ago.

Beth, yes, that is a lovely little Hansen e-spinner right there at the head of the class!


Thank you for all the pictures! And for not taking any when you were driving. :)

Also, your TARDIS comment made me very, very happy; I'm rubbing off on you!

Deborah Robson

You're welcome for the pictures, 6th Wall. And yes, you are definitely rubbing off on me. I *immediately* thought "TARDIS."

Gretchen Frederick

Hey Deb,
I was in Seattle going to the UofW 37 years ago. Wonder if we just missed each other?
Lived in Ballard, walking distance from Fremont too and for awhile, Joan lived in Lake City. I wasn't weaving then though...

Sorry to hear your mom isn't well, sure she enjoyed seeing you.

Deborah Robson

Well, Gretchen, I do wonder if we just missed each other. I was at UW 1971 to 1973. I lived in Lake City, Ravenna, Wallingford, and Phinney Ridge. My sister and brother-in-law live in Ballard, walking distance from Fremont. . . .

Mom does seem to be enjoy seeing me. It's a quick visit. She's in rehab from a stroke. It's complicated {wry grin}.

Cindy H

I feel your pain. I live in Bremerton and getting on and off the ferry is always an adventure in creative route finding.

Do you think that might have been a geocaching event?

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