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April 19, 2012


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I have wanted for so long to see a moose in person...maybe not that close.

Deb Robson

Ive been close before--meaning about three times farther away. This was something else again.

On the first one, I just looked up and the moment I saw it I realized how much DETAIL I was seeing of the fibers! (Yeah, right.) And the eyes. That one really wasnt nervous. Alert and aware, yes.


A moose visits our pond fairly regularly. We have gotten pretty great pictures over the years from our screen porch. We are just careful to keep ourselves and our corgis inside when it is visiting. Lately it is looking pretty elderly. Moose have become much more common in Vermont in the past 10 years.


Wonderful, thanks for a lovely post! I wonder how many mooses you'd see if you went walking with my hubby. He's a moose magnet. I only see ants & such.


Thought you must have been busy - the article sounds fascinating! Never seen a moose in the flesh...

Deborah Robson

Susan, how nice to know the moose in your neighborhood. When I've stayed at the cabin longer, I've gotten a sense of the individuals I've seen. I don't know if these are the same. I do know that all the (relatively few) residents of the area swap moose-sighting stories.

Barbro, I hope you get to see more than ants sometimes!

Freyalyn, I made it to 6,000 words on the article draft by only covering the basics, and then had to cut back to 3,000 words. Now I think I have that part nailed, and I need to snap a few fiber photos. I have a gazillion, but not the right ones.

I really miss writing blog posts, and look forward to when life gets back to where I can. If I'm not showing up here, that means it's completely insane in my life.

And now I need to remember to put out six boxes of books (Nomad Press) for the mail carrier to pick up today. Thank heaven for that service!

Susan J. Tweit

I'm glad you got at least a small getaway, and tickled that in addition to the writing, you saw a few of your moose neighbors. I love that you were noticing fiber detail--moose yarn? They can move faster than you think, when they want to. I hope that shipping out Nomad Press books is helping the bottom line (or at least the space crunch) and the article is on its way to being out the door....

Kathryn | Alpacamundo

Moose!?! I've never seen one in person.

I have however, been almost uncomfortably close to elk. ;-)


Rest up for a busy festival season! I was lucky enough to get into your 2 day class at Maryland and am looking forward to it.
(do you want cash only for the fiber?) I've never taken a fiber class before of any kind so this will be a new experience for me.

Deborah Robson

Susan, I do know that moose can move very fast. And they are very large, although, Kathryn, the BIGGEST one I ever saw was when I was canoeing int he Quetico and paddled up to a shoreline and suddenly was looking UP at one. Fortunately, I could back-paddle fast and it was busy eating. It noticed, but didn't act. Either that one had a full rack of antlers or my imagination added them later. It was BIG.

What makes me crazy is seeing people in Rocky Mountain National Park carrying their kids out in a meadow to get closer to the moose--! ! ! ! Going for a Darwin Award?

Shipping books out is always cheerful.

Caroline, I look forward to seeing you at Maryland! I'm packing! Most of the fibers are there (shipped to a friend) and I'm bringing the rest with me. Cash or check for fiber is fine. We'll have fun--new experiences are good. That's why I like fibers so much. There are always lots of new experiences.

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