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February 07, 2012


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"...the grease can be redeposited on the fiber as a scum that can be substantially more difficult to remove than it was in its original form."

Oh, wow! Never thought about that, but it changes my thinking a LOT!

Deb Robson

Sergeantmajorette, SO glad to be able to share that tip with you. The grease turns into sticky glue.

Kate Larson

Thanks for the great info, as usual! I am forever tweaking my washing process and love to hear about other people's experiences.


I've run into that 'sticky glue' - what a mess it is. Learned my lesson about not getting too distracted while soaking wool.
I love your tray system. Is it designed for wool washing, or is it re-purposed?


Now that I have the *proper* washing aid, the question becomes setting up a system that will let me wash about 30 llama fleeces without losing my purported sanity :)

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