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January 05, 2012


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jacey boggs

Deb! I so hope to be able to take one of your classes this year. That's the drawback of teaching -- not getting to take as many classes as you would otherwise. I've taught at Madrona the last several years but not this year and I'm so sorry to miss it. It's the best event! I'll be thinking of it while I'm in Kentucky (which should be fun, too!).


oh...you have me feeling so jealous and lazy!! Jealous because I can't go to those workshops. Lazy because I've made little progress with the rest of my breeds from the workshop at Beth's.

Hope those in your classes realize how lucky they are!! When/where are you teaching in Michigan?

Deb Robson

Well, Jacey, I guess thats only fair because *I* want to take one of *your* classes! Same problem. I do have your new book, but havent had time to do more than open and leaf through and think, Oh, cool! Enjoy Kentucky! (I should be there some time next year. . . .)

Deb Robson

Valerie, Im sure youre doing lots of good stuff. Its all cyclical and progressive. Im in Michigan September 21-23. Beth and I havent decided what Im teaching yet. Were open to suggestions. It doesnt have to be something Ive taught before, although it should probably be about natural animal fibers, likely wool (Im teaching some other stuff now and then, but Id like to focus my energies so I can go deeper).


What beautiful sunrises!


I want all that yarn and fibre - what wonderful temptation!

Deborah Robson

Jeni, you are very familiar with this task, and thank you again for your help with it in Scotland! I'd love to share the goods with you again, all ready to go this time.

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