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January 26, 2012


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I couldn't imagine even where to start with compiling all this information and knowledge, and it gives me such joy to have a book in which it's all been done with such care and love!


Exhaustive -- and exhausting! My brain got tired just reading about it!

Lola LB

Wow . . . this is truly impressive!


Now this is as fascinating as the book... I didn't think it could be possible (threat? promise? well worth the effort)

You know how much I love your Shetland chapter but I am dipping into the others - there are some breeds I haven't played with yet and thanks to you they are baaaing to me.

Deborah Robson

I'm really glad you're enjoying reading about this. I'm working on the next segment, and hope I have time to finish it this week.

Cathy, the Shetlands took an enormous amount of work, and I'm far from done with my research on them. LOTS of history and opinions about what they have been and are, and how those connect to each other.

It's important to be clear that I'm not setting or even having opinions on standards for breeds: what I am doing is bringing together, and summarizing, information from a lot of sources. It's a practical and descriptive exercise, rather than a prescriptive one! I'm fascinated by all of the factors at play in these questions about what the wool is like.

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