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January 02, 2012


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Susan J. Tweit

Oh, you made my decision about whether to walk to Concourse A when I fly out of DIA next weekend, or whether to go down to the train first--I want to see Shadow Happy! Thanks for letting us know about. And thanks to you and Becka for toting the luminaria makings to Seattle, and for joining the celebration of Richard's life that way. It was wonderful to have support from around the continent and in fact, the world. Happy being home! (Love the shoes, socks, and the rag rug...)

Deborah Robson

"Shadow Happy" is worth a trip to the airport to see--as long as one can reach the walking bridge to the concourse, which does require a ticket. . . .

It was our pleasure to set up luminarias in Seattle. That was the only non-rainy day we had during our time there, and it was so clear and the lights of the lanterns and the city were beautiful together.

I'm glad you like the shoes, socks, and rug. . . . I partly forgot to put them in initially because I'm a little embarrassed, especially at the shoes. Shining them doesn't help--not that I shine shoes often, but I tried one time on these (when I was going to visit family) and they looked almost exactly as they had before I put out the effort.


Will have to be more observant during the next visit, to find that glorious rug. Obviously, you wove it, right? Love the coordinated socks, too!

Deb Robson

Kris, no, I didnt weave the rug, although the minute I saw it I knew it had to come home with me. It was cheap, too! The navy blue rugs that have been in the living room have been ones I wove about 40 years ago(from Pendleton scraps), although they are all downstairs right now because some of the warp threads finally wore out. The gray Pendleton-scrap rugs are holding up a bit better after the same amount of time, perhaps in part because they are smaller and havent been used quite as much.

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