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January 12, 2012


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Deborah Robson

Hey, cool! The PDF thing worked!


Man, I don't think I could swing the time away from home - but Friday Harbor sounds fantastic. I want to Explore 4.

Deborah Robson

It would be REALLY fun to have you there, Amanda! I understand the "away from home" bit, although isn't somebody going fishing or something and there could be a trade of kid-watching time? {grin}


You so read my mind...

Deborah Robson

Amanda: Two great minds. . . . Lakedale is such a wonderful place to be. You would really like the other folks who are coming, and vice versa. The wools are delightful. I wonder if this could happen?


Oooh. Nice lineup. I would say that each of these breeds is something I've tried but been unsatisfied that I'm really getting its full potential. Sigh, I wish I could figure out a way to swing coming!

Deb Robson

Alison, youd be a real addition to the group.


Very interesting! Wish the world was smaller so I could walk over and come to your class. Funny thing: I started knitting a sweater in that same pattern as your swatch ten days ago :)

Deb Robson

Barbro, it would be LOVELY if you could walk over and join us!

I look forward to seeing your sweater, in a photo and maybe later in person.

Felicity Ford

You have inspired me so much re: working with different fleeces. I was compelled to comb and handspin (very badly! I am a total beginner!) some Rough Fell fleece on my recent trip to Cumbria.

Also, I showed your book to many shepherds in the Lake District, some of whom ordered copies immediately, because they were so excited to see the wool from their own sheep validated and creatively used in its pages.

I am enjoying playing with Cotswold, BFL, Shetland, Swaledale and Rough Fell fleeces with the open hands and heart approach that you take in your book and classes.

It's like cheese or wine-tasting, but better!

Deb Robson

Felicity, thanks so much for your message. I am really glad you are playing with Rough Fell! Bravo. Its *not* easy to spin. Dont worry about the total beginner part. Requires light hands, doesnt it?

Thank you for spreading word about the book in the Lake District. We had trouble getting wool for the breeds from that area because when we would get in touch with our request, people would say, Why would you want THAT? Yet they are both interesting and useful for handcrafters. We just have to keep open minds and be creative in what we think to do with them. They ended up being some of my favorites.

I am smiling at your stories, and grateful to you for letting me know.


I wanna be there...so sad!!!!!!!

Deb Robson

I want you to be here, too, Beth! Well have to figure out another opportunity.

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