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December 20, 2011


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Hazel Smith

Hello, my friend, Sarah! great photos. What can beat knitting and food? Hmmm! I'd say, red wine and food and knitting. I'll have to look up Kristi's Nourishing (Nibbles and) Knits.

Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

1st night of Hanukkah! Shalom!

Deb Robson

Nice to meet you, Hazel! Indeed, shalom.

Kristi aka FiberFool

I'm actually in the photo where Dee shows up. Kind of, LOL! Check the patio door...

Thanks for sharing our group with everyone and for sharing the book! I really appreciate it.


Such a wonderful post!!

I haven't met a nicer group of knitters anywhere. I miss seeing your guys but my ability to get all the way to and back from FT C at night is quite limited. Right now my battery is dead!!

Lovely lovely to see you again.

Deb Robson

Cathy, whenever you CAN join us, come along. Winters a more challenging time to get places after dark (in the cold, even when there arent snowy bits in the air and on the ground) than when we have more sunlight. Hope your battery finds its juice soon. Its great to hear from you!

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