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December 06, 2011


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What doesn't show is how perfectly that color reflects your eyes--I'm delighted to see the finished product!


Gorgeous! :D And very appropriate.



Fabulous color and lovely sweater! Knitting Patterns 300 is one of my shaggiest, most bookmarked resources ;^)


brilliant - a great example of knitter/dyer synchronicity!

karin maag-tanchak

Deborah, I just about cried when I read your post. Thank you so much for making such an incredibly beautiful sweater. And your writing is, of course, perfect...

Sarah Jane

Wow, that really is kinda magical (with a lot of work and thinking thrown in too!)

Deborah Robson

Thank you all! I'm glad you like the sweater. The hardest thing about making it was keeping it as SIMPLE as it is. There are so many bells and whistles in knitting that wanted to intrude. But I kept coming back to the delight I have taken in the original sweater, even though it does not have an inventive construction, stylish neckline, or any other attribute that currently seems pressing.

A special note for Karin: as you can tell, I am so grateful for your idea of the Luminary colorways, and especially of the one you chose for me. What a wonderful thing this is, and it reminds me of so many fine experiences (including Sock Summit itself, of course) every time I wear it. Which is, in fact, daily in this season. On washing: even though it's superwash, it will likely always be handwashed, as its predecessor was. I want it to last a very long time.

And I'm so happy with it that I feel a bit tear-y myself!

Marilyn van Keppel

Deb, the sweater is truly beautiful and touched me in the same way that your writing does. I was especially moved by your tribute to Richard Cabe on Susan's blog. Thanks for sharing your knitting and your thoughts!


Gorgeous Deb. I would envy you all your beautiful sweaters if I didn't have so many that my Grandma made!




Lovely sweater! And lovely biographical summary of the sweater! May you and the sweater have many happy adventures together.


What an interesting post - beautifully written and knitted. But one would expect nothing else from you! Beautiful, beautiful colour - and how amazing that you found and loved it without even realising it was 'yours'! (I'm looking at this and thinking it would be lovely in green knitted downwards so the leaves are hanging...)

Diana Troldahl

Simply beautiful :-}

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