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November 22, 2011


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Susan J. Tweit

Yes, the wacky fence-characature artist is near Mullinville. The politics are almost as interesting as the figures, but it is rural Kansas, after all! There's actually some really rolling country south and east of there, and a great scenic highway (two lane, lightly traveled) to view it from. Welcome home to you and your laptop!

Deborah Robson

I'm not entirely sure what Liggett's politics *are*, except anti- just about everybody political. Although he's far more negative than I would be, he may have a point, overall. . . .

Northwest Kansas also has more variety of elevation than the center part of the state, although I didn't have that possibility on my route this time. I did, on the return trip, pass through some of the Kansas Amish country, although I didn't see any carriages (just the warning signs for them).

Every place I go, I want to spend more time looking around!

Thanks for the welcome home. It's especially nice to have my laptop follow me here, even if six days behind me.

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