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November 25, 2011


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L.M. Cunningham

WOW! A Tardis full of fibre goodness indeed!

There's a similar shop in a small town just west of Edmonton that's like that: you look at the outside and wonder if it's even worth your while to go to the door, until you go in.

And then you never want to come out.... ;-)

Diana Troldahl

I wish I lived within the 100 mile radius! What a great shop!

Deb Robson

Linda, Tardis is right! And Diana, you would, indeed, love it. Betty also has a wonderful energy, appealing in a non-overwhelming way to everyone who walks through the door. I was able to browse to my hearts content, and she was also available to chat about the store and all its special contents and what shes up to. Its perfect. So is Mr. Casanova. He reminds me of my favorite-ever cat.


The shop stock has really improved since I was there in 2003!! I'll have to stop again on my way to Colorado from Missouri (and maybe on the way back). I bought four skeins of sock yarn last time... no telling what I'll purchase this time with all those choices.


G.c.y. Is my local yarn shop, although 50 minutes away. I was there the day after you and saw your book and wanted to purchase - but Betty was not about to relinquish her signed copy -I've obtained one now and love looking through it and reading all the great fiber info.

Sarah Jane

Wow! I love to see small businesses like this flourishing in REALLY small towns! The next time I'm down that way I will have to check out G.C.Y.! Thanks for letting us all know about this great shop!

Deborah Robson

Chery, she'd just started up in 2003. YES, there's lots more! She had one of the best stocks of sock yarn I've seen (a couple of balls made their way to the front desk in my hands, along with one of the fresh publications). And Sarah Jane, do check it out when you're in the area. If you arrive when the shop is closed, there's a sign on the front door with Betty's phone number. If she's around, she'll open up for you. And Suzieqknits, how wonderful that this is your local shop. That's funny about the copy of my book. Betty and I got to talking, and part of what we talked about was the book, and she asked me if I had a copy with me I could sell her. I've learned to keep an extra in the car, so it was fun to leave it (and the exchange helped out with at least *part* of what I spent at the shop {grin}). I do look forward to going back. It's about 6 hours from here, so I'll have to do it in conjunction with another errand--!


Reading of your travels makes me yearn to be a small creature that could hitchhike along, and have the great side trips! I promise I'd navigate I think you may have to start carrying more than one copy of the book, though...

Deb Robson

Kris, I meander on my travels a lot more than you do! You seem to be a point-to-point traveler, and Im a wanderer. Youre right about copies of the book. I might need to bring two.

Word Lily

I love reading about stores like this! My most recent favorite store is one in northern Nebraska, about 2 hours from my house. Yes, I have closer yarn shops, but this one's worth the trip! And yes, I also mapped a route to Gove — it's 220 miles from my house, but not nearly that far out of our way on our semi-frequent trips through Kansas.

Deborah Robson

Okay, Word Lily, I need to know about your Nebraska store. I go that way from time to time.


Just wondering..... Would it be possible to get one of your books with your signature in it? ´t´s soon Christmas so I have to do a list for Santa. Did you know that Santa has sheep of his own? Värmlandsfår, of course!

Deborah Robson

Yes, we can figure out how to get a signed copy to you. There are a couple of options. I'll contact you privately. I'm so glad that Santa has Värmlandsfår sheep! That is a lovely thought this morning, as I watch the snow fall thickly on the ground outside.

Gove City Yarns

Thank you so much for your wonderful commentary about our store. It means so much to us that you enjoyed your visit. We are hoping your travels bring you our way again soon. Until then be safe and godspeed.


I'm only point-to-point when traveling between an Ikea and Fort Collins Otherwise, I can tell you about the Green Giant statue, the Crazy Horse monument, the giant jackalope in Wall, SD, and other bits!


Deborah - Får is sheep in Swedish, so it should be Värmlands sheep.

Otherwise you'd be saying the equivalent of Shetland sheep sheep.

Deborah Robson

I figured out the meaning of "får" when we were putting together The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook, so in the "wider world of sheep" chapter we at least don't have a lot of sheep-sheep breeds {grin}. I think it's funny to consider sheep-sheep, but I'm glad we didn't put any of them in print!


fabulous story, thank you. nice kitty, too.

Deborah Robson

Absolutely excellent kitty. He reminded me of my favorite-cat-ever, whom I still miss!

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