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October 26, 2011


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Sarah Jane

Stay safe in the snow. I've been thinking of you as we get the weather reports from your part of the country on the news. We had 70's yesterday here in Iowa and we were getting pictures of the snow there:-)

Deborah Robson

Sarah Jane, Iowa gets its share of cold and snow, too. I've lived there, and I know! But 70s? WOW. Ceilidh and I went to obedience class tonight. (What can I say? She's a Border collie. She loves class.) On the drive across the city, I was trying to decide how many of the trees were damaged--in the range of 75% to 90%, I'd say. There were two dogs in class: our Border collie and a Sheltie (who was actually there with the person who was going to facilitate a make-up class for puppy kindergarten, but since nobody showed up for that, they joined us in the big room and played at obedience). We drive carefully. We are not walking under trees.

Kathryn | Alpacamundo

I love that mural... I think even more in the snow.

Sounds like you guys survived ok. Somehow, I don't know how... but but we did not have any trees break. We're feeling very blessed.

Diana Troldahl

the Rowans in snow are beautiful, but the fence is stunning!
The flowers look a good deal like our Michigan violets, but the leaves are not nearly as wide (and heart-shaped)


When Colin lived in Columbus he got studded snow tires for his bike and rode to school all winter! Nice fence. That would be fun in any neighborhood!

Deborah Robson

Kathryn, we "inherited" chunks of our neighbors' trees, but our few stalwarts came through fine. They aren't large. My favorite, though, needs a pruning, so I was relieved that it didn't break. I was out there ASAP knocking snow off it, as high as I could readh.

You're right, Diana, that the flowers' leaves aren't like the violet leaves I grew up with, which were big and definitely heart-shaped. I got another snapshot of their faces today: the pile of snow has melted and they're still blooming away.

I've been tempted by studded snow tires for the bike, Susan. Actually, what my daughter and I want is a beater bike for the winter that we'd just keep snow tires and we wouldn't worry about the slush messing up the drive train. A mountain bike, rather than a hybrid, for better traction.

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