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October 14, 2011


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Diana Troldahl

My brother was a volunteer fire chief at Quincy (MI not MA) and I love fire engines :-}
I also enjoy vintage farm machinery, and always spend some time in that section of any county or state fair I get to attend.
I even drove a very old truck with a wooden bed during my college years. To me it was the height of coolth :-}


I live in Sweden and have an very old kind of sheep, "Allmogefår, Värmlandsfår". They have a lot of colours and are really nice to be around. I´ve bougth the DVD Handspinning rare wools, and when I listen to your voice and see what you are doing I work whith my own wool. It´s very nice! Thank you very much, it´s a great DVD!


Interesting, and so unBritish - seeing stuff like this really brings home how different the UK and the US are. Thank you for sharing.


Such a perfect send-off for all the spinners and mentors. It's a shame more of them didn't see the parade. All those fire trucks? Yum! It brings out the happy, jumping-up-and-down little kid in all of us.

Deborah Robson

FaleArtut, I'm really glad you're enjoying the DVD. A friend brought samples of Värmlandsfår fleece to me at SOAR. I'm looking forward to seeing what it's like to spin!

Freyalyn, that parade is very American, and the sort of thing that used to happen more often. I was so pleased to encounter it.

And Ruth--I have LOTS more pictures of fire trucks! It's so fine to have an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the community service and heroism of today's firefighters, and acknowledge the long history of their work.


Sorry, it`s me again! The samples you have from Värmlandsfår are coming from us, I didn´t know that until just now! I am very curius to see what you can do with it!

Deb Robson

No problem with you again! So happy to hear from you, and very glad to know where theVärmlandsfår samples came from! Thats lovely! It will be a while before I can work with it because of massive deadlines (the reason there arent more blog posts right now), and it is a tantalizing treat waiting for me out there as a reward. Im teaching a class for shepherds at the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy annual meeting and have two article deadlines for Spin-Off and . . . well, the list I reeled off for my daughter yesterday had a dozen other items on it and she said, wisely, Dont think about them all at once. I will be *really* glad to be able to get back to playing with wool!

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