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October 28, 2011


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Gretchen Frederick

It's great to learn about breeds that I haven't encountered (yet) here in the mid-Atlantic: Navajo Churro and Manx Loaghtan. That's the best photo I've seen (or at least remember!) of a Navajo Churro, very handsome ram.

And thank you so much for suggesting our Tunis yarn for the hat project!!!
Gretchen Frederick
Solitude Wool

Susan J. Tweit

Woo-hoo! Lovely to see that article in print, and to see some of the sheep up close as it were. Those American Tunis surely are beautiful sheep!

Lynn Hershberger

This is magnificent. It makes me quite emotional to read about getting the word out to even more people. You are doing such wonderful work to get the word out!

I saw Piecework at the shop the other day but couldn't pick it up just then. Will be going back to snag one, probably Tuesday. YES!!!!

Deborah Robson

Gretchen, you're doing such wonderful work with the breeds from your area. Navajo Churro hasn't made it to your part of the world, I don't think, and all the Manx Loaghtans are on the eastern side of the Atlantic.

You're welcome for the Tunis suggestion! That was fun. And I love Tunis sheep. I put another photo of one in today's post.

Susan, I'd love to spend more time around Tunis sheep. They are, as far as I've been able to ascertain, as lovely in spirit as they are to look at.

Thanks for the good words, Lynn. I have so much fun teaching. It's an amazing amount of work, and worth every bit of it. It's really like a party where I get to share lots of favorite things with fantastic people.

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