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September 05, 2011


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Kristin Nicholas

My head is spinning. Good luck!


Wow! Congratulations on all that very fulfilling-looking work!


Sounds like it's all moving along, which hopefully is satisfying!

Dina (dinaknitsinct)

Wow! that is indeed a lot but I'm not surprised: you always seem to have a lot going on, right?

What does surprise me: not a single handspun/handwoven/handknit garment to wear on KNITTING DAILY?? For shame! And I know you own some appropriate pieces.

Deborah Robson

Thanks for all the good thoughts! I started knitting the final (I think) set of swatches this morning. Still need to wash those locks. . . .

Dina, I have a closet full of handknits. However, none of them meets the color/weight/makeup-avoiding criteria of the clothing specs for the show. Those that are okay on color and openings (to ease on over the makeup) are too heavy to be comfortable in the studio lights.

I *do* have yarn, a pattern, and a garment started from my thoughts last year that I could get at least one item made. It isn't going to be finished in time for this year, either. Other emergencies keep taking precedence (well, and I didn't know that KDTV was going to ask me back).

Susan Foster

Hey Deb, I've lost your email(dead computer), but wanted to see if there is anything that you will need at SOAR that a person nearby might bring...drum carder, extra wheel, anything?? let me know. I am only there for the first 3 days as we have a big craft show on Columbus day weekend, but I could come back and pick stuff up on Monday.

Susan J. Tweit

Well, I'm relieved that you're not bored... Kudos on being close to ready for SOAR--and surviving the prep work. Special kudos on being invited back for Knitting Daily TV--that's really cool! I know you don't have time, but it surely is great exposure. And I love the photo of the prickly-poppy flowers with the very green, not-at-all-camouflaged grasshopper. Talk about standing out! Remember to breathe...


Have a wonderful time at SOAR, I wish I'd been around to help sort out the bags of fibre!

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