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September 20, 2011


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What a whirlwind! Have a great time at SOAR. :)

Susan J. Tweit

And that is true work! I hope that SOAR is rewarding and that the days are not quite that long...

Cheryl Oberle

Can't wait for the KDTV segment on Yak as I'm currently exploring that fiber on my wheel. It's tricky but gorgeous.

Deborah Robson

Thanks for the good SOAR wishes, Laura! I've already shipped off a box of materials and am planning how to get the rest there (suitcase logistics).

Susan, I think the days at SOAR will be long, but NOT 21 hours. If so, by Wednesday (day 3 of 6), I'll be teaching from a horizontal position on the floor. Not the plan.

Yak is amazing stuff, Cheryl. It comes in a lot of breeds and colors, as do fibers from other animals. Most of what we spin is the down, rather than the hair, although I have fun with the hair, too. Of the down, some feels more like alpaca than not, although most of what we get in North America feels like cashmere or qiviut.

Susan Foster

See you at SOAR! Holler if you need anything, even at the last minute, I won't leave home 'til Sunday afternoon.

Deb Robson

Thanks, Susan. I leave home Saturday morning, and will be assessing the situation, supplies, and space on Sunday. I look forward to seeing you!


Have fun at SOAR....again you'll be dealing with time zone changes when you start out. Rest up!

Just got back from Scotland. Our trip to Kirkwall in Orkney scored me some North Ronaldsay roving from the Donnelly's. I couldn't talk the people into selling me some moorit raw N.R. fleece...they kept telling me I wouldn't get it through customs, but I think it was because they only had about 8 oz. and didn't want to part with it.

Deb Robson

Oh, what a wonderful trip, Valerie! I had hoped to get to Orkney last year when I was in Scotland to teach, but I had to fly back for photography on the book. If I had only about 8 ounces of moorit North Ronaldsay, I wouldnt want to part with it, either. Enjoy your roving!

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