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September 09, 2011


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L.M. Cunningham

LOL -- heck, you might even make it to New Year's with all that pesto!

My gardening this year consisted of harvesting the volunteer tarragon that emerged. I've been doing a fair job of that: I think I fertilized it once and watered it twice. ;-)

Deborah Robson

We have volunteer oregano, and it's ecstatically happy, but our neighbor on that side sprays weedkiller. His house is up for sale. Maybe the next folks won't.

Susan J. Tweit

Congrats on having happy tomato plants this year. I hope they produce more than that one tiny tomato... And it's not "ripping off" my recipe when you use it! Enjoy the bounty of CSA basil and the pesto for winter. :~)


Yum! Hope there are more tomatoes to come.

Basil....I freeze pesto in ice cube trays. Each cube is 2 T., so 4 cubes = 1/4c., etc. However, I leave out the garlic when freezing so it can be added fresh when serving. (and it doesn't leave a garlic flavor in the ice cube trays.)

When it's frozen I dump the cubes out on wax paper, twist them up and fill up gallon freezer bags.

You'd be surprised how fast those cubes melt when tossed in with the pasta as it drains.

BTW..just finished reading Woven Into the Earth. http://www.oxbowbooks.com/bookinfo.cfm/ID/35260//Location/DBBC
I didn't see it in the Fleece & Fiber biblio....so if you're not aware of it, I think you'd really like it. I got it through inter-library loan.

Deb Robson

Valerie, you are DANGEROUS, telling me about books like that! Youre right, I havent read it, although when I went to the publishers description I have heard of it (just no time to check it out). David Brown (publisher) also has a number of other books that sound unavoidable. They sell damaged books. I have written to ask if they have any so damaged that I can afford them {grin}--although I didnt quite put it that way.

Ill also try that ice-cube trick. I rationalize the little pesto containers because we do use them (and use them, and use them), but Id rather have fewer around, and quick melting of pesto is really good!


Yeah, I'd like to lay my hands on some of those other books too. The one I borrowed came from Wayne State University....so maybe they own some of the other ones too. But I sure would like to own Woven Into the Earth after having a 3 week "honeymoon" with it.

Sarah Jane

I can second the pesto trick with the ice cube trays!

Deb, your pesto looks yummy! Basil doesn't grow very well here because we don't get a lot of heat. When it does grow, it tends to be sort-of bland tasting because of the amount of water we get. You're really making me look forward to getting back to a place where I can actually grow both tomatoes and basil again!

Deborah Robson

Sarah Jane, I'm really glad there are tomatoes and basil to look forward to in your near future.

You'll also have dirt (excuse me, soil--my mother insists {grin}) where you are going.

And likely more water. Here we are semi-arid climate (Köppen BSk), average annual precip 15.9 inches (400 mm). (Which is more than where Susan lives, average annual precip just over 10 inches (250 mm). You should get about 35 inches (900 mm), which sounds like basil and tomatoes to me!

Diana Troldahl

We love pesto too but Oscar is allergic to casein, so no cheese.
I have yet to find a true substitute, although some Greek olives add zest. (sort of a combo pesto/tapenade?)

Perhaps I'll buy a horde of basil at the farmer's market Tuesday. The Amish vendor always brings an armful.

Deb Robson

I love Greek olives and tapenade, too. Wow. Favorite things.


The trick to planting tomatoes in the same bed is to add lots of dried compost to it. We plant tomatoes in the neighbor's raised bed annually and the crop just keeps getting better.

Good thing - we have tiny lots so no room/good light to change tomato locations.

That Valerie is DANGEROUS!!!

Deb Robson

Thanks, Cathy! We have LOTS of dried compost. SO glad to hear that we can supplement the beds and keep going. Tomatoes are one of our must have plants, and Im not up to building more beds until we get better at using the ones we have. . . .

Valerie is very, very dangerous. Nice, though {grin}.

Kathryn | Alpacamundo

I didn't realize you could freeze pesto. Will definately have to try it.

I do have plenty of alpaca poo. You're welcome to some whenever you want. I think it made a big difference in our 1st year clay garden this year.


Experiencing pesto envy, and tomato envy. As far as compost, aka llama bean tea, you can't beat it to make the plants grow. Add a bit of nitrogen in whatever form, and the flowers will be incredible!

Still experiencing pesto envy....

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