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August 26, 2011


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Amazing - Fiber Folks Rock - bigtime!!!


What a wonderful saga. As Joy said (above) fiber folks rock. I'd add: Big Time.

Deb Robson

Plusses were meeting the shepherd, who is wonderful, and having a break that involved a visit and cup of tea with Janel, instead of my usual quick leg-stretching walk around a highway rest area. She had Jacob fleece freshly clean and drying on her new rack, and berries gathered from along the bike path.


I love it - you're like the Fiber Detective!


What a hilarious and wonderful story! What's the online group that you belong to? I'm in the Seattle area, and would love to join! I want to know all the fiber peeps I can around here! :-)

Diana Troldahl

Fiber people Rock!

Deb Robson

Sara, the Seattle area is a fantastic place to be a fiber person. I got seriously hooked on weaving there, and on spinning when I lived in Port Townsend. Keep trying groups until you find the one(s) that feel like home. I have friends who are in knitting circles at bookshops, and thats been a good place for them to start.

The specific group that I put out the appeal to is a group of textile-book writers who are also into independent publishing. Theyre called the Visionaries, and weve just started doing some collaborative work out in the world. Its a group worth writing a textile book and learning about independent publication to be part of--! General information is at http://www.visionaryauthors.org/ and, for anyone interested in getting involved, the how to apply info is at http://bit.ly/rkawuU (deadline for the 2012 newcomers submissions is very soon; it often takes a while to develop an idea and prepare the application).


Wow, Deborah, thank you for the info! Oddly, I have a book idea that I am currently working on! That sounds like an amazing group. Yes, we're very lucky here in the Seattle area. All kinds of fiber, fiber events, yarn shops and perfect wool weather 9 months out of the year! In my suburb alone, there are 6 or 7 alpaca farms and a few sheep farms. Pretty much perfect. :-)

Deb Robson

Well, Sara, definitely keep the Visionaries on your radar! Its an extraordinary group of people. And able to connect me with Leicester Longwool fiber, in multiple forms, in 36 minutes. That says something right there.

Check out the books. They are very fine. More coming all the time.


The combination of the interwebz and the fibre community is amazing! What a lovely story - and I'm looking forward to that Piecework already.

Deb Robson

Im looking forward to that PieceWork myself, Freyalyn. Its going to be an *incredible* whole section of the magazine, with the article I wrote plus four projects, all by different, wonderful designers. I havent seen the projects. I did help connect people with yarn. The rest is surprise!


Oh, yes, being qualified to join the Visionaries is now added to my list of goals! I love Cat Bordhi, and all of the books look fantastic!

What the Visionaries are doing is so inspiring, and very much necessary! We need innovative, independent-minded, non-mainstream fiber books and ideas. There is way too much of "same old, same old" being published right now by the bigger publishers, so what you're doing is important! BTW, your Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook is high on my list of the next books to buy. :-)

Deb Robson

Sara, participating in the Visionaries is a wonderful goal. You could write Cat now and say youre not applying for this year but want to keep it in mind for future years, so could you have the application information. It would likely help shape your book-making thoughts. Glad to know youre thinking about the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook! Im really proud of that project.

Kathryn | Alpacamundo

I just love this story. :-)


That is a fantastic suggestion, Deb, I'm going to do just that! :-) Thanks again!

Dina (dinaknitsinct)

I love the serendipity of this venture. And I LOVE that you had most of what you needed on your laptop - how lucky was that!

Dina (dinaknitsinct)

hmmm, my attempt at html tags didn't work.

Deborah Robson

Hi, Dina: Your forward slash in the /b was a back slash (\b), but you have friends in high places and your HTML now works {grin}.

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