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July 04, 2011


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Well, you HAVE been busy! I'm speechless.


Congratulations to your daughter! Now tell me you never sleep; obviously, you get about half again as much done as most people, which must mean you've given up on sleep.


she should talk to Eric Nyland who is a technical (and science fiction) writer for Microsoft's game division. His wife (Syne Mitchell) is also a science fiction writer and is also a weaver and has blogged/podcasted on the subject...

Deborah Fillmer

Congratulations to your daughter! As a 45 year old female and part of the MMORPG gaming community I applaud anyone who studies the phenomenon. It is an interesting topic to say the least!

Deb Robson

Interesting thought, Tycho. Ive met Syne; shes a brilliant weaver and writer. Will follow up.

Lynn, sleep is a treasure. I have not in the least given up on it (although Id be happy to get about an hour more each night . . . I wake up with too many thoughts to go back).

Deb, Im also editing a few books {wry grin}.

Now, where did I leave that ukulele? I missed playing it yesterday. But the kitchen looks significantly better.


I was going to make the same suggestion as Tychoish. Congratulations to your daughter!! Sounds like a lot of intense work has been going on under your roof.

BTW...one edit on your "working with an editor" document. Page 2 in italics should read "you can do it solo..." rather than "you can so it solo..."

Kathryn | Alpacamundo


Do you know @HellChick? She's a game UI designer, alpaca-momma and awesome spinner.


Congratulations to your daughter!

And, I just saw the Book in the Baltimore County public library this past Saturday.

Diana Troldahl

What an exciting thesis topic!!! I really look forward to seeing your daughter's impact on the world, that just ROCKS!
Thanks again for signing my copy of FFSB, it found it's way back to me last night :-}
I have shared the Treiball link with a friend who works a lot with her dogs in a sport that requires more physicality, and has worried about them aging.
No dog in my life yet, but my niece lives near by with two, and my neighbor across the street has five :-}
I love ukulele folks, most of whom I met via Lynn and Brian (The Fabulous Heftones).

Deborah Robson

Valerie, thanks for the tip on the typo in that document. I'm always amazed at the persistence of typos in evading detection--or in appearing again after they've all been expunged. I was relieved to discover that the glitch was *not* in the fillable PDF, which would have required a lot of file manipulation to fix. So that s-to-d shift, plus the removal of a mysterious random space, have been effected and I've re-posted the file (same location and name, so the links will still work).

Deborah and Kathryn, it's great to hear about these gaming connections! My daughter studied single-player RPGs in part because the MMORPGs add layers of complexity that would have defied the bounds of the thesis process. (I'm pretty amazed that these strings of letters roll off my tongue now. You can tell I've been listening to her talk for a while.)

Caroline, I *love* libraries and am ecstatic that The Book is in the Baltimore system!

And Diana, thanks for your enthusiasm. I messed around with the ukulele some last night--it had been a few days--and it felt sweet to realize I have a few chords that weren't in my brain before. Lynn is such a delightful encourager. And Brian, of course, is one of the most adept ukulele players around. http://www.heftone.com/fabulous


Deborah, I just wanted to pop in and congratulate you on your monumental book. I was able to get a copy last week at my local (independent!) bookstore and have been enjoying it ever since. It is beautiful, insightful and entertaining! I will be recommending it to all my students. Fantastic!

Deb Robson

Thanks so much, Erin! Im a big fan of independent bookstores. I have a driving trip coming up and Im already locating independent bookstores along the route. When I need to take a break, I want to enjoy some local ideas instead of just the blur of sameness provided by chains.

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